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When most people start running, they do it for weight loss or for a stress release. In fact, most do not really think about how long they will be running, if it will become a primary hobby, or if they will be doing it in a gym or outdoors. Overtime, you start develop what running is to you and that may lead you to outdoor training. One of the issues with this is when colder weather makes an appearance. Here are some tips for running cold weather that you may not have considered.

Breathable Clothing

The first and most vital tip for running in cold weather is to wear weather appropriate gear. You want to be in breathable, but winter weather specific, clothing. If you try to run in regular sweatpants and sweatshirts or a jogging outfit you are going to find yourself getting overheated. As you sweat, you will actually be exposing your skin to that sweat which is exposed to the cold weather. This exposure can cause the sweat to freeze and put you at risk for illness.

Remain Cool

As you run your body generates heat. Make sure that you are not in too many layers of clothing and that your body is comfortably cool. You do not want to be freezing, but you want to be a bit cool so that as your body heats you will not be producing too much sweat. The idea is to keep your body at a temperature that is not going to overheat. Think about when you run in the summer months. During those months you want to make sure your body temperature is on par with the weather. This is the same concept.

running shoesAppropriate Footgear

You may not think about your footgear. In fact, you may think that the running shoes you have been using will be fine for the winter conditions. The truth is, you do need to consider getting shoes that can stand up to snow and slick conditions. Traditional running shoes may be ideal for regular weather, but once you hit the ice, you could very literally hit the ice. You can find shoes that are slip resistant as well as ones that are specifically made for winter weather conditions. If you are not sure what to look for, ask a running shoe salesperson at your local athletic gear or running gear store for assistance and recommendations.

By combining these tips and tricks, you can adapt easily to cold weather running and situations. Remember, to try and figure out as you are running what is becoming an issue. Make sure you are considering your issues is they arise and dealing with them before they become a problem that keeps you from running.