Fitness Facts – High Cholesterol and Foods to Stay Away From

Fitness Facts – High Cholesterol and Foods to Stay Away From

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Foods To Stay Away From

To maintain your cholesterol and in turn your fitness, here are the foods you can avoid.

  • Saturated fats and oils: Stay away from butter, coconut oil, palm oil. Instead, you can use margarine or even vegetable oils like olive oil.
  • Trans fats: Try avoiding trans fats. These are hydrogenated vegetable oils which have been made hard chemically. These is especially bad for your fitness as they help increase the LDL cholesterol.
  • Limit fatty meat: Especially bacon, beef, sausages and hot dogs. Limit your intake of these if you wish to stick to your fitness frenzy.
  • Egg yolk: Egg yolk is bad for people with high LDL. Avoid this to normalise the situation.
  • Dairy Products: Like cheese and milk. Limit your intake of those dairy products whose milk fat content is more than 1%.
  • Avoid fast foods: A sound advice for nearly everyone. To help you with your fitness, avoid fast foods and snacks covered in cheese and mayonnaise.
We have all heard about the harmful effects of cholesterol on our health. And one of the effects of fitness that one must keep in mind is to check the level of cholesterol.

For that, we must know the basics about cholesterol and the foods we need to stay away from to maintain levels of cholesterol.

Bad Cholesterol And Its Effects

First of all, not all cholesterol is bad. In fact, it is a necessary fat for the cells in your body. It is just the LDL which is bad. It is known as the bad cholesterol.

The most dangerous effect of a high level of LDL cholesterol is the risk of heart attacks. Heart attacks are caused by a combination of factors no doubt. But the high level of bad cholesterol is one of them.

What Can You Do To Maintain Cholesterol And Fitness?

To stay fit, you must lower your LDL cholesterol. And to have this done, you must banish a few food items from your diet chart. This way, your fitness schedule stays intact. You stay healthy.

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