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Yoga is one of the most sought after fitness technique. It is not as easy as jogging, or exercising. It involves tricky twists and turns of your entire body.

As a beginner, you must know some of the easy and simple yoga poses to start with.

Yoga Benefits For People

mountain-poseBefore you jump into the yoga poses, you should be aware of the many fitness benefits that yoga showers you with.

Increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular performance, stronger muscles and perfect posture are only some of the numerous advantages of bending your body to do yoga.

Here are three yoga poses to help you with your fitness schedule.

Yoga Pose #1 – The Mountain Pose

Probably the easiest one in the house.

  • Stand straight with your legs and feet close together. Your feet should carry your weight evenly.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms at your sides.
  • Slowly breathe in and raise your arms straight up, over your head. Your palms should be facing each other.

Yoga Pose #2 – The Tree Pose

tree-poseAnother easy and simple one. Involves standing straight and feeling relaxed.

  • Stand straight and tall. Keep your arms at your sides.
  • Shift your entire body weight to your left leg. Pull up your right leg and place the sole on the inside of your left thigh. Balance yourself properly.
  • Now bring your hands slowly in front of you. Just as you do in prayer position with your palms joined.
  • Breathe in slowly. Lift your hands overhead, palms facing each other but separated.
  • Stay for about 30 seconds. Repeat with the other side of your body.

Yoga Pose #3 – The Child’s Pose

You can do this pose on your bed too if you want.

  • Relax and sit down straight and comfortably on your heels.
  • Roll your body forward. Bring yourself down so that your forehead touches the ground (your bed, your yoga mat, your floor, whatever).
  • Lower your chest close to your knees. Keep it comfortable.
  • Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, beyond your head.
  • Relax again, and breathe, holding the pose.

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